Pétanque Tournament

Today’s winners 23rd  March 2021
Group 1 Gumborg
Group 2 Eva

Today’s winners 17th  March 2021
Group 1 Gumborg
Group 2 Eric


Pétanque is a very famous and popular outdoor French game that you’ll see played in almost every French city garden and park at almost any time of day!

This game comes from La Ciotat, a small town in Provence, where it was invented in 1907.

All you need to play is one small ball and eight larger balls (usually made out of metal).

The rules are very simple, with players dividing into two teams and then choosing someone to throw the small ball, known as the jack.

After the jack is in play, teams take turns throwing the larger balls, trying to get as close as possible to the jack.

Pétanque is played in several rounds, and at the end of each one, teams get a point for each ball closer to the jack than those of their opponents.

Players can knock the other team’s balls away from the jack, complicating things a bit, as you’ll never know who will win until the very last ball has been thrown.