An ordinary day at Casa Klein

Everyday at Casa Klein is ordinary

We like to think

We stick to the same routines. And we keep our own tempo. Binding the day together with our meals, our exercise, our personal care, medical checks, reading, writing, taking a nap, socializing, playing games, walking in the garden, enjoying our house dogs or simply just chilling out with the other guests. Cause elder people do like to “chill”. They just maybe don´t use that phrase. But chilling out it is!   


However, behind every face, every person at Casa Klein there is an unique life story. Long life lived, for a large part of our guests all over the world, and therefore many stories to be told. 

Casa Klein offers a helping hand in the every day for people who want to live an ordinary life as senior citizen. At our Senior Hotel you will never feel uncomfortable or compromised.

We are professionals and our staff can handle any situation. 

Thanks for reading.