John Holt

22 February 2021

My Husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and over time it was not possible for me to take care of him at home, as you can imagine it was an awful decision to make not knowing the standards of care that was available to him importantly and for my peace of mind , this I am sure is the worry everyone goes through at these difficult times with their loved ones.

If you are in the position of being no longer able to care for your loved one please try to find a place in Casa Klein, you will do no better!

I cannot thank all of the staff enough for the wonderful loving care they gave to my loved one, this gave me such peace of mind knowing that his every need was being catered for both physically and mentally and by such loving professional people .

Whenever I visited it was like visiting friends, the warmth and understanding I was shown, having spent many years in the profession myself I still found Casa Klein quite remarkable in every way.

My loved one was Neville Kerr and I know he was so happy being there with friends.

If and when the day comes that I need care my fervent hope is that there will be a place for me in Casa Klein.

Thank you all for the kindness you have shown Neville and myself.

With deepest gratitude

John David Holt.

From the daughters of Kate Diana and Laila Ramsted


24. november 2020

Det i gør for vores demente mor er rigtig flot og I er alle søde, imødekommende og professionelle. Vi er så glade for, at mor er havnet hos jer, da der bliver taget rigtig godt af hende.

I er også rigtig søde til, at sende billeder og holde os orienterede om hvordan det går med hende. Tænk at I synger og laver lagkage til hende på hendes fødselsdag, selvom at hun ikke forstår hvorfor hun får kage.

Super dejligt.

Casa Klain er et rigtig godt sted med sød personale og ledelse. Der er altid rent og pænt.

Vi vil anbefale Casa Klain.

Med venlig hilsen/Best regards


All of you are very kind and prof..
We are so happy that our mother are with you in CASA-KLEIN.~

Super – super

CASA-KLEIN is are very god place you are all profecionel



Mrs. Annette Bering


I am writing this letter to share how delighted I am with your international convalescent and retirement home where my father, Dr. Kaj Bering now resides. Your staff are delightful, hard working and very dedicated to the well being of all your residents who range from folks requiring a great deal of care, several wheelchair bound, to others who are more independent. When my Dad first came to Casa Klein I was fortunate enough to be able to stay with him for a couple of days to help him settle in.

Casa Klein’s property has the most beautiful gardens with enormous palm trees, cactus gardens and roses, many roses and there is a wide path around the gardens that enables a wheelchair resident to view it from all aspects and take in the vistas of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. In the morning you are awakened to a gorgeous sunrise with the various species of birds singing, such a peaceful tranquil location with the fresh air.

Since my father arrived here he has blossomed and is so happy that he is being cared for and raves about the layer cake. He is getting stronger every day and is determined to spend less time in a wheelchair and I am confident he will succeed with the exercises he is enjoying and the friendly and encouraging staff members. The Spanish chef, Tony one night came out to the veranda with 4 plates of dinner on his arms singing and serving the residents. One could not help but have a huge smile.

I was able to travel back to my home in Canada and feel confident that my father is in the best place possible and that he will enjoy many wonderful layer cakes with his coffee. My father has his sense of humour back, and his dimple in his cheek has appeared once again. What could be better. Thank you.


— Annette Bering, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mr. Jesper Pfeiffer

Son of a guest

I want to express my joy and gratitude for how well you do,
and how much you do to make my mother stand and feel good.
You are doing really well – thank you so much!”

Jesper Pfeiffer SON


I have been wanting to communicate how much I noticed and appreciate what you and the other staff do everyday. The respect and care you show for each individual is really wonderful and fills me with a lot of good feelings. It is so comforting to know my Mother is in a nice environment with a staff of remarkable care givers. I really saw more than you think, I saw what was emanating from your hearts. I hope you get it all back when it’s your turn!

— much love and appreciation, Dottie

Thomas Danø Møller

Specialist in orthopedic surgery

It was a coincidence that my mother came to Casa Klein on the Costa del Sol, near Malaga, Spain. We had heard about the Senior Hotel through acquaintances, and contacted Joan from Casa Klein to inquire. Casa Klein quickly arranged all the practicalities and my mother came to Casa Klein before she looked around.

Before leaving, she was plagued by dementia, the onset of dementia and the appetite for life had almost completely disappeared. Mom came to Casa Klein on a three-month trial that went beyond all expectation. Intensive physical therapy, regular medical supervision, sufficient pain management and the cozy atmosphere made everything better for my mother and she regained her good mood and not least the joy of life.

Quickly, she fell among the sweet residents, and the friendly and dedicated staff. Of course, it was far from Denmark, but we often come and visit her and have learned that our get-together gets better and more sincere when we are with her, often just a weekend.

I myself am an orthopedic surgical specialist and have experienced the course of many senior citizens. I often think about what a gift it would be if all the elderly could experience such a get-together. I also often remember with great pleasure those evenings at Casa Klein, where we sit and laugh, the sun goes down, and the chef grills on the open air grill and the red wine is poured. That is the quality of life.

I highly recommend a stay at Casa Klein, both for professional – and not least for human reasons.

Thomas Danø Møller
Assistant Professor. Specialist in orthopedic surgery.

Jesper Rangvid

Professor, Copenhagen Business School

It is a very positive and unique kind of stay and care Casa Klein offers. However, where would one wish that other nursing homes could provide the same security and joy of life that Casa Klein obviously provides its residents. However, it is probably difficult as there are many things that make Casa Klein unique: The staff at Casa Klein is fantastic and the place is adorable.

The house is a nice typical Spanish property on a hilltop just outside Velez-Malaga with an absolutely stunning garden around. The residents gather in the cozy community house for dinner, games, reading and ordinary cozy talk. Then you can retreat to your own room.

All you have to say is that Casa Klein is a truly unique place to spend its otium: Senior Hotel is a good name.

Jesper Rangvid
Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Hasse and Lajla Bruun

Professor, Copenhagen Business School

The purpose of our visit, after all, was my brother’s dear Ruth. And to make sure she was as good as possible. We could positively say that.

Unfortunately, the fact that we all grow older is not possible to prevent, but it is nice to find that people like you and your great colleagues make sure that dignity is maintained, even though old age weakens those we love.

Even though I’m not a youth anymore unfortunately – and had to spend the night at Hospital Xanit with heart problems. Really undramatic – yet a meeting of arrogant doctors who were more concerned with my financial insurance than providing human support in an anxiety-filled situation.

Such experiences put things into perspective – and reinforced my impression from your visit with you – that Ruthy gets the best treatment both my brother and I had wanted for her. Big thanks!

This is all I can contribute – besides sharing with my family that Ruth is in your best hands.

Good luck with Casa Klein, thanks so far for what you provide,

Yours sincerely

Hasse and Lajla Bruun

Daughter of one of our guests

Island in the Caribbean

I have been wanting to communicate how much I noticed and appreciate what you and the other staff do everyday. The respect and care you show for each individual is really wonderful and fills me with a lot of good feelings. It is so comforting to know my Mother is in a nice environment with a staff of remarkable care givers. I really saw more than you think, I saw what was emanating from your hearts. I hope you get it all back when it’s your turn!