Whisky - no ice

Come February, when the days starts to be just that little bit longer, we really like to go to one of the nearby beach restaurants having an afternoon drink or a small snack.


Some like a Café con leche (coffee with milk), some like their Americano (straight black coffee served in a small glass) , some fancy a coca cola while others prefer a local beer directly from bottle. Robert, however, he just asks for a Whisky - no ice.

…and a kiss on the cheek!


It´s so deliberating just sitting at the sea side in good company enjoying the moment.


Especially knowing that back home at Casa Klein hell just broke loose as everybody else had to do their fitness training.

IMG-20190127-WA0006 (002).jpg
IMG-20190126-WA0004 (002).jpg

Then one night we decided to act cultural. And here we are right in front of the theater.

IMG-20190209-WA0005 (002) Foran teateret ih hvor vi glæder os.jpg

We decided to come early having time for small toast and a chat before the show,

IMG-20190209-WA0002 (003)  glas inden vi skal på koncert.jpg

and to have front row seats - because we just love being cultural…

IMG-20190209-WA0006 (002) Vi er de første i rækken og en lille historie.jpg

Hope you enjoy life, where ever you are, for certain we try our very best.

Thanks for reading,