Before we got to New Years Eve we had the pleasure of having the family of Robert visiting us for at few Christmas days. And what a party.

fest på casa klein.jpg

The joy certainly was great and even the chef started singing.

fest af roberts fam 052.jpg

So we all sat in the living room with candle light and nice food and Roberts family - the way these days are supposed to be spend.

fest af roberts fam 036.jpg
fest af roberts fam 008.jpg

Christmas turkey on the menu.


On New Years Eve we normally celebrate early as a few of out guests like to call it an early night and go to their rooms. So in order to be able to wish each and every one a Happy New Year we all gather around midday.


Champagne & New Years cake.


Holding hands and wishing a happy next year.


Gerry makes way for some bobbles,

068Gerry åbner den 1 flaske.jpg

and the party is on…


2018 has been a year with a few changes at Casa Klein. However, the way we do things are still the same; as well being and respect of other people is still our main focus at Casa Klein - and will always be.

Thanks for taking your time to read the small up-dates on our website during the last year - we hope you enjoyed having a look into our everyday lives

Happy New Year - to you from all of us at Casa Klein.