Meet Robert

After having spent a large part of his working life i Rhodesia, Africa, running tea plantations Robert moved in at Casa Klein on June 26th.

And what better way to celebrate his birthday with a few family members a few days later with Birthday cake, a glass of Spanish Cava and excellent family company!

008 Robert flyttede ind til os den 26 og i dag var det hans tur til.jpg
021 Svigerdatteren Angelina Klinger glas med Robert.jpg
009 Med spansk CAVA naturligvis.jpg

The Birthday Cake was baked by our new chef, Tony, who has just recently taken over from our long time friend and chef Lilian who has decided to call it a day.

All of us, and especially me, would like to use this opportunity to thank Lilian for her great, tireless and unselfish work here at Casa Klein. Always bringing good spirit and providing healthy and exciting food at our table. Thank you for everything, Lilian. 


Meanwhile somewhere else:

Anywhere I can get to see one of these beautiful Spanish horse, Gitte one day asked. Yes, Flor replied. And off they went the next day, Gitte, Steffi and Flor - to visit the stables where Flor and Steffi keeps their beloved horses.

Flor - Steffi med Gitte.jpg
IMG-20180703-WA0005 (002).jpg

Steffi´s horse.

IMG-20180703-WA0010 (002).jpg

And Flor´s horse.

A kiss for each one of you, says Gitte, animal lover as she is! 

Thanks for reading,

Joan Klein, CASA KLEIN