Happy Birthday, Lars!

Lars Lindstrøm from Sweden is a very friendly man. And after recently having had a hip surgery he decided to spend some time at Casa Klein - on a kind of "Recreation in The Sun".

IMG-20180208-WA0002 (002).jpg

As it turned out Lars would have his birthday while staying at Casa Klein, so Lillian and the other staff arranged a small birthday party including birthday cake, champagne and music:

Lilian med lagkagen.jpg
Flor spiller og Lars.jpg
IMG-20180208-WA0008 (004).jpg

And luckely for him, his Christina had also come by to celebrate the day.

Lars med sin Christina.jpg

Now, in the care sector it´s a well-known phenomenon that light and heat from the sun have a healing effect - put good company on top of that and everything is just fine. 


From all of us at Casa Klein.