New sunglasses for Mr. Bond

Yes, it´s true! We do have a Mr. Bond staying at Casa Klein. And a surname like that brings responsibility. So one day, he thought it was so time for a sunglass upgrade - and off we went.

Inside the Shopping Center we tried out some different models: some modern, some classical and some in between.

But Mr. Bond was clear in his voice when he finally found the perfect sunglasses! And only the best is good enough for a gentleman named Mr. Bond - so of course he chose a pair of RAY BAN sunglasses, similar to the model that the famous General Douglas McArthur used back in the 1940s.

And then it was time for the girls' to go shopping. However, a very young guy on a very small bicycle for once managed to drag the attention away from the many great offers - and they found time for a bit of socializing.

...and then some shopping!

We´re good - now time for a short rest.

Every day at CASA CLEIN we try to built in some physically training.

That might be coordination exercises or working out on a stationary bike as Kate demonstrates below.  

Or a quick round of foam ball catching, we never reject.

We have a saying that: "CASA KLEIN is a good place to be", and if we ask our Mr. Bond, he answers in elegant English is, that he is really happy to stay at CASA KLEIN and that he feels so much better than when he came.

Mr. Bond and Owner of CASA CLEIN Mrs. Joan Didold Klein.

Mr. Bond and Owner of CASA CLEIN Mrs. Joan Didold Klein.

The pleasure is all ours, Mr. Bond.

Thanks for stopping by reading our news. We hope you enjoyed seeing how we do things in the everyday at CASA KLEIN. News will appear approximately every 2nd month - and do feel free to make contact should you have any questions at all.

Joan Didold Klein