Wheelchair friendly Seniorhotel

However, wheelchairs and walkers are a great aid in the everyday for elder people as they provide some much needed safety when moving around.

Of course its important to keep on doing exercises through life - even if you need a stick, a walker or wheelchair by your side. And Casa Klein - as wheelchair friendly a Seniorhotel as they come - has some very fine facilities in terms of training and general house constructions.

Testimonial from Canada

Since my father arrived here he has blossomed and is so happy that he is being cared for and raves about the layer cake. He is getting stronger every day and is determined to spend less time in a wheelchair and I am confident he will succeed with the exercises he is enjoying and the friendly and encouraging staff members.

Exercize at Casa Klein

Exercise and movement goes hand in hand with our philosophy. Our physiotherapist comes every day and trains with our guests. And besides our gym facilities we also have a large outdoor swimming pool with a lift for wheelchair patients, so everyone can have a refreshing dip or a daily swim.