And then Gitte moved into Casa Klein

Welcome Gitte

After living nearly 40 years in Barcelona Gitte came to visit Casa Klein last year for a short period of time to see if our way of living would fit into her life style. It did.  

So in the following months she made a plan on the basis that she wouldn’t wait until she could not decide for herself where and how she should live. Basically she just wanted to be in control of her life.   


Dogs are always welcome at Casa Klein.

But before the final decision was taken she said to us that there were one more condition: She wanted a dog!

No problem we said. Dogs are always welcome at Casa Klein.

So after selling her flat and saying good bye to her dear long time neighbors she permanently moved into Casa Klein in April.  

And last week we went to pick up a Spanish Galgo for Gitte – and we can tell you that they have been inseparable ever since. 


Welcome to Gitte and her beautiful dog from all of us at CASA KLEIN Thank you for reading.